Wednesday, February 10, 2010

More circles

These are two more mono-printed circles, I've been having fun doing the mono prints but I still haven't decided what to do next with them. Of course there are a few that didn't come out so well, I have quite a pile of things that haven't made the cut, some I may rework, others become clean up rags.

These two are small, 6" on the left and 5" on the right. I did some minimal stitching on some scraps then used matte gel medium and applied them to canvas boards. They will probably end up being mounted on mat board or a painted canvas. Just something that I wanted to try. All my artwork has been shipped to San Antonio for next weeks class, so I'm feeling a bit lost and am trying to keep busy. I could clean both studios so that I'll have a nice clean slate to start with when I get home from class, but so far that hasn't happened. I leave very early Saturday morning and will be gone for a week. I'll try to take pictures while I'm in class and share them, but no promises.

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