Thursday, February 4, 2010

Fifteen Circles

I'm getting ready to pack these up and send them to San Antonio. As a group they are one of my four pieces that are due. The plan is to hang them as a group, unfortunately I don't have a place to hang them all to take a good picture, so they are laying on a table. My goal was to do positive and negative images using a variety of different techniques. So they include buttons, lutrador(both Black and white), needle felting, stitching, puff paint, fabric fused and fiber etched,flour paste resist, and mono printing. Then they were all stretched over 10" square frames. I enjoyed doing these and have ideas for more.


  1. Love these circles and would love to see a detail of one. I also sew lots of circles. Always a challenge. I now understand why lots of quilters like squares- they are so much easier to put together!

  2. Thanks, and Judy none are pieced like yours! I've already packed and sent these so no detail pictures until next week when I see them again.