Thursday, February 7, 2019

Halfway Through the 72 Landscapes

I've now gone past the halfway mark on my 72 Days of Landscapes and they still surprise me everyday, I keep pulling things out of my stash and they keep inspiring me.

watercolor crayons and hand dyed fabric

Day #33
handmade paper, hand dyed fabric and pen

hand dyed fabric, screen print 

Day #35
watercolor crayons and discharged fabric

Day #36
hand dyed fabrics, screen prints and painted and melted tyvek 

Day #37
dyed paper towel, hand dyed fabric, chenille threads

Day #38
dyed paper towel, discharged fabric, white gel pen

I also used up some more scraps for another donation quilt top. A very generous friend gave me some fabric to back this one and also for a border and backing on the one I posted last week. It's forecast to snow this weekend so it may be a good time to get them quilted.

2019 Weekly Leaf wk #6
One of last weeks Solarfast prints.

2019 Daily Stitching days 32-38

I'll be linking up with "Off the Wall Friday" and "Slow Sunday Stitching"


  1. Wonderful variety in those landscapes but I am in love with those stitched circles. And amazed at the amount you accomplish!

  2. The landscapes are wonderful- all so different. Quilting some charity quilt tops is on my list too, I have a couple that have been sitting in my closet since last summer nagging guiltily at the back of my mind. Maybe this is the time to knock them out!

    1. Thank you Shannon, get those tops out and get them done - it will feel so good!

  3. Your landscapes are starting out really nice. Love to see them finished. I have tried landscapes a few times, but not very successfully, yours look great.

    1. Thank you, I'm keeping them very simple and with very little detail.

  4. I especially like the way you have used shibori in your landscapes. I am sure that I would have run out of ideas.

    1. Thank you, I'm surprised myself that I keep coming up with them.

  5. Such a wonderful variety of embroidery stitches in your projects!

  6. Way to go! Using the variety of items and techniques accumulated through a lifetime of learning! Hooray for you!!