Monday, August 3, 2015

Canadian Road Trip

We've just come back from an eight day, 2000 mile road trip through the Canadian Rockies. It was fabulous! We drove north through Idaho, going by the Palouse area where wheat is being harvested.

Spent our first night near Sandpoint, ID. Next day we drove into Canada and started our Canadian National Parks adventure with Kootenay National Park. We arrived in Canmore, Alberta late in the afternoon to settle into our very charming inn for four nights. We were meeting up with friends that had flown in from Chicago the following morning.  This was the view from our window the next morning.

Over the course of four days we did lots of hiking and a bit of driving to see some wonderful sights. We did Banff national park, Lake Louise, Yoho National Park, Johnston canyon and several other stops. Here's a quick look at some of our visit.

Aqua Lakes
Fantasy Hotels

Rode a chairlift up to gorgeous views and a gourmet meal. (Also got soaked in a rainstorm while riding up.)

Our plan was to drive through Glacier national Park in Montana on our way home. Unfortunately the East entrance was pretty much up in flames.
There has been a wildfire burning there for over a week and the East entrance is closed. We drove around the South end of the park and went into the West entrance, but the traffic congestion was bad, we were tired from driving all day so we passed on it for this trip. 

We then visited friends that live in Montana before heading back over more mountains to get home. It was a delightful trip.

The Weekly Leaf

For the leaf this week I used some Wonder Under fusable web that I had painted. I did a quick sketch of a willow branch and leaves, freehand cut the leaves from the painted fusable and ironed them onto a piece of hand dyed fabric.
 The drawing, painted web and fabric.
 Leaves cut out and placed paint side down.
 Peeling off the paper backing after ironing.
Ready to stitch.
Week #31

Daily Stitching updates

Silk Fragments #209-#215
 Looks like I was influenced by the mountains on a couple of these.

Sari Ribbon #137-#143

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  1. Loved your chocked full post of interesting photos…..a reminder to us all….get out and enjoy nature!!!

  2. I have never been to a place that is more beautiful in my life! I visited Banff National Park years ago, maybe 1970, and it my memories of the views are still astoundingly clear in my mind! Thanks for sharing your views!

  3. The photos of the mountains bring back memories of living in Calgary and seeing the mountains tantalisingly far in the distance. Also of driving to Canmore and having ice cream there - in the 70s Canmore was famous for ice cream!

    1. We had ice cream there, it was wonderful, all natural ingredients.

  4. I enjoyed seeing your pix of your trip and it brought back memories of my trip there last year. Some amazing scenery!