Thursday, May 21, 2015

Road Trip

We've spent the last nine days on a road trip.

Our oldest daughter was turning 50 (how is that possible?) and her husband was doing a surprise birthday gathering. So off we went. We did several stops at National Parks and Monuments including Zion National Park and Glen Canyon Dam. Had a great time in Phoenix with the birthday girl and her family, then a quick stop in Reno for another family visit before arriving back in Idaho.

During the trip I was able to wear a shoe most of the time instead of a boot or orthopedic sandal, the toes are making progress but aren't completely healed yet. Today for the first time in 10 weeks I walked the dog, a slow short walk but he was happy anyway.

I kept up with all my daily and weekly stitching while we were gone. I have each project in a ziplock bag and all the bags in a plastic case.

The Weekly Leaf

I used a stencil and paintstiks on hand  dyed fabric this week.

The stencil is from istencils. I love the shape of the leaves but the small ones are to small.

So I carefully taped them off.

Week #20

Daily Stitching updates

Silk Fragments #132-#141

Sari Ribbon #60-#69


  1. Family time, stitching time, and healing time.....what more could a gal ask for!!!!

  2. Glad to hear that you're more ambulatory. I love the colors of the silk fragments, right up my alley!
    Your trip sounds fabulous.

  3. I love to see all your different stiches!

  4. I am always inspired by your work. Thanks for sharing.