Monday, March 23, 2015

New Daily Stitching Project

I started my newest daily stitching project on the 14th (my Birthday!). This one will be using some Sari ribbon that I purchased a few years ago from Darn Good Yarn. Like many other purchases it has been sitting in the studio unused.
I have a skein of silk chiffon and one of heavier weight silk.  The fabric has been ripped into strips and twisted to make the yarn. I've been untwisting it, pressing it flat and cutting it into 4 inch pieces.

The background fabric is a natural colored basketweave silk noil, something else I've had for a long time. I'm stitching the ribbon down the center of each four inch square of silk noil. My only "rule" is that each one has to have a least one french knot.

Sari Ribbon #1-#10

My fractured toes are still causing a great deal of discomfort, so I'm spending way more time sitting than I normally do. Since I'm sitting I've been keeping my hands busy stitching. I've stitched a piece for the SAQA Spotlight Auction that will be held at the SAQA Conference in Portland the end of next month. I'll actually be going for the very first time. I used one of the pieces that had been blueprinted last fall.

There were four more pieces of the same leaf print and I've got them together for the SAQA benefit auction. I'm still stitching on this one.

The Weekly Leaf
This weeks leaf is a leftover print from last year, getting out to the studio to print a new one was more than my foot could handle.

Week #12,year2

Daily Stitching updates
Silk Fragments #77-#82

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  1. Sorry your toes are still bad, but love the positive side - wonderful stitches!
    I love all of it, but the new project looks very exciting.
    And the fern prints with stitch actually make me wish I had money for the Benefit Auction!

  2. Goodness - that's a different sort of deconstruction project. Would never occur to me to untwist that ribbon to take it back to use as fabric. Love the stitching over the purple strip.

  3. Can't wait to be inspired by you new sari ribbon daily stitching project.....fabulous idea.
    Ouch! I've been reminded numerous times how darn painful broken toes are......sorry you are going through that!!

  4. Fascinating as always. I love your new project, what an inventive thing to do with those ribbons. Broken toes sounds horrid; I hope you are more mobile again soon.

  5. I have been inspired by your daily art and participated in a daily art challenge in February. I liked it so much that I'm hostessing an April Art Daily on FB.

  6. Adore the turquoise daily stitching - great patterns