Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Published in Quilters Newsletter

Some of my weekly leaf pieces are in the newest issue of Quilters Newsletter, Easy Lesson section.

Mary Kate Karr Petras the editor that worked with me on this lesson also did a blog post on Sept. 18 about doing demos of the technique. She showed some of her samples and I love the way she has stitched them.

Yesterday was the start of the second week of SAQA's annual auction. Go check it out and bid on some great art quilts.

Although it is still very green around here, some of the leaves have already started falling so I guess autumn is really here. Speaking of leaves, when I pulled out my stamping samples for last weeks play day I found several leaf prints that I had forgotten about. 

These inspired me to revisit this technique for this weeks leaf stitching. I've used a few of my hand carved stamps, freezer paper and Jacquard textile paint.

Every time I stamped a leaf onto my fabric I also did one on a piece of freezer paper.

While the paint dried on the fabric I cut out the leaf that was stamped on the freezer paper. It was then ironed on top of the leaf that was stamped on the fabric.

The next layer was stamped.

Freezer paper cut and ironed on.

This was repeated until I had finished stamping.

No need to cover the last stamp (lower left). Next step is to remove all the freezer paper to reveal the layered looking piece.

When you work this way the first image stamped will appear to be on top, and each successive layer appears to be deeper in the pile.

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  1. You are in one magazine after another lately. Congratulations! It's off to Joanne's this week to try and find this one. I love your leaf layering. Thanks for the tutorial. I was wondering how you did it.
    I'm partial to the Ginkgo print. Just stunning!

  2. I like the layering. Thanks for showing how you did it.
    Well done on the magazine article!

  3. Good tutorial. And very nice result. What would we do without freezer paper?

  4. I'll have to run out and buy a copy-congratulations! Clever tutorial too.

  5. Hi Linda
    Where would quilters be without leaves? I love your stamped pieces and was really interested to read how you create your leaf pile effect. Congratulations too on the magazine article.