Thursday, May 22, 2014

SAQA Auction quilt

I made the deadline for the SAQA Auction piece, it's in the mail. Finished it up this morning.

2014 SAQA Auction quilt

We've been doing some digging in our yard lately and finding treasures. I'm always amazed at how many odd little things we find. These are this weeks finds.

I'm getting quite the collection of marbles.

 The rusted scissors were dug up last year.

Daily Stitching updates.

Line dance #140 - #142

The Daily Paper #68 - #70

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  1. The SAQA quilt is are your buried treasures. Have a enjoyable holiday weekend...

  2. It's a beauty, as I knew it would be. Sure to get a pretty price. Mine goes in the mail today.

  3. What a great piece and love all the interesting stitching...Buried treasures are such fun...makes you wonder about the story behind them. I lost scissors once and wonder if they became someone's buried treasure.

  4. Hi, Linda. Lovely quilt for SAQA. As usual, I'm liking the Daily Paper enormously.
    best, nadia

  5. Your daily stitching is fascinating as always - I really admire your discipline with that. The quilt is lovely - a great combination of hand stitching and machine quilting.

  6. Your leaf is really lovely! Wonderful stiches!