Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Rearranging mono prints

A few months ago I had gotten out some of my mono printed circles, but ended up putting them away again. Today I not only got them out, I cut each one into nine pieces and started rearranging them on my design wall. There's lots more rearranging to be done, but at least I've started.
I actually like this arrangement, but it feels very predictable. I have more that I can cut up and add to this, but most of them have a much heavier look, more paint and less background. I like the way some parts of this seam to float (at least in person, not so much in the picture). It's about 72" x 42" as it is.

My Janome has finally been fixed and is home after seven weeks in the shop and I've been using it to quilt some donation quilts I had pieced while it was gone.

My plantar fasciitis is still there but today is the most pain free it's felt in over two weeks.

Daily stitching projects are still on track.
365 Red Circles #143 - #148
Indigo and Rust #71 - #76
Week #21

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  1. I like the configuration of the mono prints. The one in the upper left (second in) seems darker than the others and this creates a focal point.

  2. I think this is a fantastic layout! It makes me want a second look. The contrast of the white sharp square edges against the organic circles is so satisfying to me. I see the floating effect for sure and can imagine in person it is even better. I hope if you play around with other layouts that you come back to this one because it is really cool.