Thursday, July 12, 2018

Making books

I'm participating in an online class called "Mixed Media Printmakers Retreat" this week, the instructor is Linda Germain. I took one of her other classes a few years ago and like her teaching style. Everyday we've been getting a few short videos on how to make different types of books, a video on a layering technique and one that is an artist talk. I rarely work on paper, but have a stack of printed ones left over from the last class I took from her and some others from botanical printing. It's been a great divergence to try something new and use up stuff I have. My goal is to do the class without buying anything new and so far it's working great , only one day to go so I'm sure I'll make it. So here are my first books.

A board book, I used cardboard pieces and taped them together because I didn't have an old child's board book.

A book made with tabs, I used fabric to cover the cardboard for the cover.

A book with stab binding, a fabric cover again.
The inside cover paper.

 An accordion fold book made form some of my botanical prints on heavy watercolor paper.

The covers of the accordion fold book.
I haven't made todays book yet, but its next on my agenda.

I finished the little pink 'spike' stuffed toy for our soon to arrive great grand daughter.

2018 Weekly Leaf, week 28

The next five leaves are all cyanotypes, but instead of blue and white they are gold and dark green.

2018 Daily Stitching, days 43-49
Working on the upper right corner this week.

Next week I'll probably do lots of background stitching on it. My husband will be having hip replacement surgery on Tuesday, so I'll have lots of sitting time in the hospital.

I'll be linking up to "Off the Wall Friday" and "Slow Sunday Stitching".


  1. Your books are beautiful! I want to do some of the cyanotype prints. I love what you have done with that -

  2. Yes, your books are terrific. I've never tried to do one. And your pink dinosaur is beyond cute. You have been very busy this week.

    1. Thanks, I'd never done books before and it felt good to step out of my comfort zone and try something new.

  3. What interesting ways to make books! Are those ginkgo leaves? Cute gift for the new baby too!

    1. Yes, they are ginkgo leaves, I love the shape.

  4. Lovely books. What a great project. Love your pink dinosaur for great grandbaby! Good luck for your husbands surgery.