Friday, May 4, 2018

Cleaning is overrated

Studio B cleanup seems to have stalled, it's clean enough for me to use the table and the rest of the mess doesn't really bother me. Of course if I were to have someone come over and play then I would have to do a better job. This week I thought I would tackle the drafting table inside that is totally covered.

It still looks like that, instead of cleaning it, I started to play with some fabric and have been doing this instead.

It will probably be a donation quilt, but I'm enjoying playing with 'what if' ideas.

Yesterday I got to meet some of the SAQA (Studio Art Quilt Associates) that are in this area. Carol Kimbel, the regional rep for the Idaho/Montana area was in the area for other reasons but emailed us all to meet for coffee. The other three that showed up were from the Boise area and we plan on getting together more often. I know that many of you are very active SAQA members and live in regions where there are regular group meetings and it was nice to discover a few other members that are interested in doing that. Our region is very large and has very few members.

2018 Weekly Leaf
Week #18
Gelli prints for a few weeks

2018 Daily Stitching
More background and french knots

I'll be linking up with "Off the Wall Friday" and "Slow Sunday Stitching"


  1. Agreed, cleaning is over rated. My sister would disagree about that though.

  2. Cleaning the studio or play with fabric? Sounds like a nobrainer to me. I like what you’re doing with those what-if fabrics.

  3. What I can see from your designwall is very interesting!

  4. Thank you for coming to the Boise area gathering. I know you will have many more. I enjoyed seeing your "playing". Now I will go back and look more at your leaves. Nice blog!

  5. Your drafting table looks like my sewing machine table. Unfortunately, I must clean it before I can sew anything. Sigh.....

  6. I have lots of sewing room cleaning to do but I agree with is more fun to play with fabric than it is to clean up. Another interesting leaf this week

  7. My sewing room has barely ever managed to stay out of "disaster zone" status :) I should copy my grandmother and just throw a clean sheet over the mess. Lovely stitches you've been taking.