Thursday, February 15, 2018

Second donation quilt done

I pieced and quilted the second donation quilt and it's in the pile ready to go. I had a piece of teal flannel that was used for the back and binding.

My little cat is always looking for things to get into, I came downstairs yesterday morning and found this.

Actually thats only part of it. She had taken a ball of pearl cotton from the studio to the dining room, wrapped the chairs and then across the room and around a few more legs. Although you can't see it, that glob of thread also has the needle in it. I keep a threaded needle with each of my balls of thread and had obviously forgotten to put this one back in the covered container when I was finished using it. From now on I'll remember to put it safely away.

Weekly Leaf #7

before stitching

After stitching

Thats the last of my eco/botanical prints until the leaves grow back on the trees. Next week I'll be using one of these paper towels left over from when I was production dying and also left over from the daily stitching a few years ago.

2018 Daily Stitching days 40-46

Red dots, green french knots and some more background stitches added.

71 days of mark making, days 39-45

I'll be linking up to "Off the Wall Friday"


  1. Thread mess reminds me of the day Mom fell asleep with her knitting at my house. Dad & I were outside. My Siamese cat took the skein of yarn & tied her up with it. She never did like that cat!

  2. Love the quilt and always love your wonderful stitching!

  3. The sticks quilt came out great! Very modern looking. I’ve had a few scares with pets and pincushions as well. No matter how careful we are it can happen. I have put my pincushions in jars to be less attractive but do still stick needles in things and then forget where.

  4. Reminds me of what my late dog, Miss Molly used to do occasionally. She would pick up my knitting, needles and all, and wander through the house. I came home to 'webs' more than once until I learned to put the knitting up where it was not so tempting. So long as kitty/puppy didn't eat any of the thread/yarn, it's just tedious to unwind.

  5. Love the quilt so fresh and modern, and the leaf just lovely as always I love seeing your leaves. Oh goodness I have chased many a ball of thread and yarn after the cat found it.

  6. Balls of wool, thread or string make great cat toys! I love the quilt! Your stitching looks fantastic, as usual

  7. Love the leaf! I'm lucky in that my cat Max almost never cares about spools of thread. To be honest, I think he's a little afraid of the mess I call a studio! LOL!

  8. Daily Stitching, days 40-46 are quite an inspiration. And, what a great looking leaf - thanks for sharing the close-up photos!