Thursday, September 14, 2017

More leaf studies and a different type of leaf prints

I enjoyed making the little leaf studies so much last week that I made a few more. I got out a few of my hand carved stamps, some hand dyed fabric and did some prints.

Then pieced some borders and now I've got nine.

I've decided to stop making them and actually finish them. The three on the left now have embroidered leaves, but that's as far as I got.

I got a bit side tracked trying some eco printing/botanical printing. Even though I've dyed fabric for over twenty years, I've always avoided natural dying. My rational was I didn't need to add more chemicals to my studio. I finally succumbed to the allure of natural prints. Right now I'm working mainly on watercolor paper although a piece of silk noil did get tossed in. Here are yesterdays results.

The papers and silk were first soaked in an alum solution, the leaves were dipped in an iron solution and everything was bundled together and steamed for two hours. As I'm writing this I have another bundle steaming, this time the leaves were dipped into a copper solution, and more silk pieces were added. I'll know in about an hour how they turned out.

I keep trying to use up all my fabric and yet I signed up for a monthly mailing of sari silk fat quarters  from Darn Good Yarn. Today I got my first shipment and I'm quite pleased, not only did I get the four fat quarters but included was a sample of some sari yarn. Not that I needed any, I still have leftovers form the daily stitching I did a few years ago that used sari silk.

I have an idea floating around in my mind on how to use these, but it's not fully formed yet.

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  1. Your leaf prints are gorgeous. Your silk package is stunning. What fun you will have that!

  2. Your leaf prints are amazingly clear! Makes me want to give this a try.

  3. The intuitively pieced, off center borders are just right for your stunning leaf prints. You amaze me by how many ways you find to do the same thing.

  4. Oooo...I love all those French knots! Wonderful texture. The leaf prints are interesting too.

  5. Love those eco prints! And of course all those French knots.

  6. Wow I am envious of your french knots, love the leaf prints and the sari silk packet is beautiful. I can see so many great projects brewing.

  7. I love those leaf prints and those beautiful blue and green French knots.

  8. Well I just splurged and got a subscription to Darn Good Yarn thank s to you :). I am an art quilter wanna be, so the sari fat quarters could be fun to use. Don't know about the yarn. Guess I should learn to crochet. Very beautiful leave printing!

  9. You astound me with your work...all those french knots!!!! WOW!