Thursday, July 13, 2017

Stitching circles and X's

This week I've been finishing up the quilting on this top.

I machine stitched circles around each colored circle and also at the intersection of each block. Now I'm hand stitching a circle inside each colored circle and X's on the connecting lines.

Only 3 more circles to go, then the facing, sleeve, label and I'll be done. 

I also made one more top from leftover scraps, these were gelli printed circles that had been cut into quarters and reassembled. This is the original that the leftovers were from.

Circles and Curves

 I've added some red borders and a circle print to make it bigger.

I now have six tops ready to quilt, I guess that's what I should do next. I have backings for each one, bindings ready to go and plenty of batting, the motivation is the only thing missing.

Weekly Stitching
Signs of Life: the five universal shapes week #28

2017 Daily Stitching #2 days 31-37

More background done and a couple of new shapes.

I'll be linking up to "Off the Wall Friday" and "Slow Sunday Stitching"


  1. Your daily stitching project is just fabulous! So organic and bright and colorful. How big is it?

  2. Maybe we could do a swap. JK. But I've been in a quilting only mood for some time. Your pieced tops are such an inspiration.

  3. You do the best things with "left overs". I especially like the third quilt.

  4. LOL "motivation is the only thing missing"! I can relate! LOVE the hand stitching of the circles and Xs.... it adds lovely texture to this wonderful quilt!

  5. Love the Gelli printed circles, I have only just discovered this very addictive form of printing. Could you tell me what you used to print onthe fabric as I have only printed on to paper so far

    1. I use textile paints, usually Jacquards, although the white is a cheap very opaque brand from JoAnn's .

  6. I need motivation and time, but mostly time. You are making great use of your creative time.

  7. So many pretty quilts and so much pretty stitching. Your work is just beautiful.