Monday, March 6, 2017

Week #9, Seventy Days to 70

Only one week to go!

 #57 Over dyed kimono silk scraps
#58 woven tape measures 
 #59 Watch parts
 #60 Tarp scrap and crushed object found in a parking lot (about 20 years ago)
 #61 Stenciled tea bag, stem stitch
 #62 Failed SolarFast print with stitches
#63 Assemblage of dried paint, plastic star and metal shaving

I'm glad I've finally used some of the odd things that I pick up and keep, sometimes I just wonder what I was thinking keeping them for so long.

Weekly Stitching: Signs of Life, The Five Universal Shapes
Week #10

The first 10 weeks

Starting next week I'll be doing something a little different, all five shapes on one long strip instead of five individual pieces.

Daily Stitching updates

Shades of Orange #352-358, only one week left here also!

2017 daily Stitching days 59-65
  Started filling in a part of the background.

This is the section of the ten inch square that I've done since the beginning of the year, the stitched area is about six inches square.

I covered a couple of notebooks and a binder this week.
The red/orange set is being used for an on line class I'm taking, to keep materials together and to write in.
The black and white one has a zippered pouch to hold pencils, etc. I've always failed at keeping a sketchbook in the past so this is a test. Instead of calling it sketching, I'm just going to make marks. I'm always attracted to black and white art work and have been perusing Pinterest looking at mark making. Hopefully it will become a new daily practice. I have some big travels coming up and plan on bringing it with.

I'll be linking up with "Off the Wall Friday" and "Slow Sunday Stitching"


  1. I think that this week's favorite circle is the woven tape measure. The intense stitching on your 10 inch square piece is fabulous!

  2. So much to like here. But it's the woven tape measures that intrigue me the most.

  3. Hey are you coming to England? !!!
    Well, you should.

    I think it is brilliant that you have found a way to keep those little bits you can't throw away. I will have to try something like that. Perhaps if I start now I will get it done by the time I am 70. Which is actually quite a long while!

  4. I have been thinking about doing 100 days of mark making. It sounds better than 100 days of drawing. That's too much pressure to make something good. But of course, I have not started anything yet.