Monday, September 5, 2016

Making Progress

So last week I left off with my three pieces of retired print table cover being stenciled and although I really liked the color and transparency of the paintstiks, I wanted more intensity. About eight or nine years ago I had dyed several pieces of silk organza, I dug them out and had the three colors I needed. I think it was meant to be. My organza got a Misty Fuse backing and then I spent a few hours cutting out letters and fusing them down. Now I'm happy! The organza is still transparent enough to show the layers behind it.

The piece with the red lettering has been quilted and is awaiting facings. It was quilted in half inch vertical lines with a variegated yellow, lime and purple thread, again another find in my stash. The other two are getting a bit of hand stitching before I layer and quilt them.

The Weekly Leaf

This weeks leaf was gelli printed.

I'm getting a good size pile of the first print of the leaf shapes, I'm saving them.

Week #36

Here are all 36 weeks. 

Daily Stitching updates

Gelli prints

Every few weeks I print a bunch of squares so that I'm always ready to stitch, this is the group I did this week.

Then today I got to sew row number 13 on.

Shades of orange #170-176

 Also added a row on here, #9 almost half way.

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  1. As always, wonderful inspiring!

  2. As always, wonderful inspiring!

  3. Your layer pieces are terrific. Will you enter them all?

    I liked seeing all your leaves together and the orange and the gelli prints. You are an inspiration.

  4. Wow, it is so nice to see them put together as you progress. I don't remember seeing the orange ones, they are very dramatic. The leaves are still my favorite, are you having trouble finding new leaves to do, or do you just use ones you did before, but in a different technique?

    1. Hi Amy, I do try using different ones, but many times I'll just do a different technique. Luckily for me leaves do come in different sizes and then in the fall change color. I just bought a new stencil that I'm using for next week.

  5. Your layered pieces are great - the organza works really well. I always enjoying seeing your daily/weekly pieces when they are en masse.

  6. What a fun process! It all looks wonderful, and I'm sure even better in real life. :D

  7. I am amazed by all the creativity there is in the world! Thanks for sharing

  8. Over from Kathy's Quilts linky ... your leaf project is really quite incredible! :)