Monday, March 21, 2016

A new daily stitching project

I've got eight days done of my new daily stitching and as usual it felt uncomfortable at the start, part of that was because I wasn't at home and I wasn't happy with the threads I had brought with. I was sure that there would be an order for more thread made as soon as we got home. Then when I got home I looked through my rather extensive collection of thread and found plenty that will work just fine. I'm using the last group of 35 inch silk squares that were hand dyed stitched shibori. There were six of them altogether, four were the same pattern with slight variations in color.

The one on the left is the one that I had multiples of. They were backed with flannel and cut into four inch squares and are ready to use.

In the lower right corner you can see the seven balls of thread I found to use.

#1-#8,It hasn't gotten a name yet, any ideas?

Gelli prints #75-#81

The Weekly Leaf

I tried a different way of printing for this week. I read about spreading paint onto a plexi glass plate, lightly laying the fabric over it and then putting a drawing on paper over that and tracing the drawing.
I almost did that, I spread the paint out on a gelli plate instead because my plexi glass plate is hiding. I found that the amount of paint makes a big difference, also the amount of pressure I applied while tracing.

This is the leaf I traced. 
On the top is the one I used, bottom left is the one with too much paint and pressure.
Week #12

I've now got the first twelve weeks stitched together, also the gelli prints.

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  1. Love all the wonderful projects!
    What a difference to each silk design when chopped up. Maybe inspiration to chop up some of my fabric experiments as I will never really get to do something to them the way they are.
    I do like the shapes. very fun.
    and the weekly leaf pieces together make you want to go up and see it closely. Great texture.

  2. You are my newest idol!! Amazing work...and YES, I just started embroidery on my leaf!!! Actually, I have to create 4 12" squares for an exchange due in Sept. So...I'll use my Solar Print leaf prints...thanks so much for the inspiration!!! Your work is so inspiring!

  3. Your leaf is a trace monotype. If you use the plexi, you would probably get a thinner, more distinct line. I have been wanting to do this recently, but have other things that need to get done.

  4. As always, totally drawing inspiration from your many projects!