Monday, October 19, 2015

Home Sweet Home

Home sure feels good after two road trips in the past two weeks. First we went to Corvallis, Or to pick up my work from the gallery, a 900 mile round trip. Then I had an appointment with my Orthopedic surgeon on the one day we were home, my knee surgery is scheduled for Oct. 29.

 The following day we left for Phoenix,AZ, drove for two days, then had an evening and two days with Don's daughter and family ending with a wedding. We now have two married grand daughters.

Then back on the road again, this time headed for Reno, NV where we stayed with my youngest son and his family and I got a younger grand daughter fix. We also spent time with Don's youngest daughter and her dh and son. This visit was a bit more heart wrenching, our 13 year old grandson has cancer, has had 25% of his liver removed and two tumors from his lungs removed. He is now actually doing quite well and is back in school and getting good grades, but the future is still very uncertain.

Then back to Idaho, where we were greeted with the upsetting fact that our dog, Buster, who has had health problems had gotten much worse. After making and carrying out a very difficult decision that just broke my heart I pretty much took a few days off from life. I'm amazed at how attached we become to our pets. Here is a small wall hanging that I did of Buster when he was very young.
I used it as a sample in my booth when I was vending, I used to sell Jacquards fabric that is prepared for inkjet printers. I had printed a photo of him twice, sliced it up and fused it to the background. He was part Jack Russell and very hyperactive so this depicted him well.

The Weekly Leaf
 I have two weeks to show. The first is a blueprint on gold of a tomato leaf. Here it is out in the sun printing.
Week #41

The next one was done with freezer paper and paint stick  on hand dyed fabric. I had a large leaf that I liked the shape of but couldn't use because it was so large. I drew it onto freezer paper in a size that would work.

Then using a stencil brush, brushed the color from the paint stik onto the fabric.

Removed the freezer paper and drew in some veins with a colored pencil.

Week #42

Seven rows done.

Daily Stitching updates

Silk Fragments #279-#292

Sari Ribbon #207-#220


  1. First off, your leaf work(s) are wonderful!!! Such dedication. I am so impressed and you know my love of hand work!! Best of luck to your grandson...glad you did get family time with so many!

    1. Thank you Robbie, it was great being able to see so many family members.

  2. I forgot to comment on your fur is so hard as they are our babies!!! He'll always be in your heart and memories are for looking back on and enjoying!

  3. Oh my Linda…..knee surgery…yikes!! Good thing you have your daily stitching projects. Wishing you well….and I’m so sorry to learn about your grandson…..tragic…..warm thoughts coming your way!

  4. So sorry to hear about your dog and grandson. Your trip sounded so hectic and now knee surgery, too. Wow! Your leaves are wonderful, as always, and I love the way they look all together.

  5. I'm sorry to hear about the tough issues you are dealing with. I'm also glad you have family to help you and your wonderful art to help uplift your spirits. Hang in there.

  6. So sorry about Buster and your grandson getting cancer at such a young age! I'm glad to hear he is doing well and hopefully will continue to do well long into the future.

    I love the shapes of the tomato leaves.

    How long a recovery time do they predict for your knee surgery?

  7. The leaves are wonderful altogether.
    So sorry to hear about your grandson. I am glad he has had some recovery.
    And biggest hugs to you for losing your wee doggie. How hard it is. They just become such friends who love you no matter what.
    Lots of love from Sandy