Thursday, June 4, 2015

I don't have a lot to show again this week. I have finished quilting a stack of donation quilts and have one more ready to go.

The Weekly Leaf

While we were on our trip a couple of weeks ago I picked up a leaf that was  different than what I find at home. I traced the leaf with pencil, then placed the tracing face down onto a rubber block and rubbed on the backside of the tracing to transfer the marks to the rubber.

Used both an exacto knife and a small proved linoleum cutter.

Tested the stamp on scrap fabric and paper.

Mixed a few colors of paint together to get the color I wanted and stamped onto my fabric.

Week #22

Daily Stitching projects

Silk Fragments #149-#155

Sari Ribbon #77-#83


  1. Not a lot to show this week?? I beg to differ.....looks like an impressive accomplishment to me!

  2. The stamp came out great! You get more done on a slow week than I do in a month - impressive! Where do you get the rubber for the stamp making ?

  3. Mary said just what I was going to say. I like the new leaf stamp.

  4. Love the leaf stamp and the results!