Monday, June 2, 2014

Play day

Last Friday I had four novice fabric painters come to Studio B to play with fabric paint.

Here are Julie, Barbara, Thea and Sue getting some fabric ready to sun print. Below are the silk scarves drying in the sun while we had lunch.

Sue and Julie modeling their new scarves.

They also stamped some fabrics, creating some really great designs but I forgot to take pictures.  They had so much fun that we have already set two more play dates for the summer. I also challenged them to make something out of their new fabric to bring for show and tell the next time.

Daily stitching updates

Line Dance #149 - # 153

The first eight rows sewn together.

and a closeup

I'm really enjoying this, I'm never sure where my line is going to take me.

The Daily Paper #77 - #81

The Weekly Leaf

This week I used a leaf from a Japanese Maple, the gelli plate and Jacquard fabric paint.

The first print on top and the detail on the bottom.

Week #22

Linked to "Off the Wall Friday".


  1. I thought about coming to play with you all, but it looks like it was crowded enough already. It was probably best I got some stuff done anyway. But you will have to let me know your next planned date.

  2. I didn't realize that your line was going to be continuous throughout the piece. It looks fabulous!

  3. Having myself just done a piece in squares where all the curvy quilted lines matched up - I think this is fabulous! You say you never quite know where your line is going to take you - do you start from your last finish point from the previous square? The variation in stitch creates a great variety in line quality - a really great piece!

  4. So much great stuff! Thanks for the inspiration!