Sunday, April 6, 2014

Taking Quilt Photos

Normally when I take photos of my quilts I pin them to my design wall in Studio B. The design wall is 20' long and 8' high, which sounds like a huge space until you put a 10' x 4' print table parallel to it and another 8' x4' perpendicular to it. Although the big table has rollers, there is no where to roll it. The studio is relatively narrow but with the tripod on the table I can usually get in the whole quilt. I've been putting off taking a photo of my finished weekly project from last year and needed to tackle it this week. Because of the way I used beads to sew the squares together I needed to hang the quilt rather than pin it to the wall. I have a quilt stand with tripod legs, the legs are just wide enough that when I hung the quilt I couldn't get a photo because it was too close to the table. I also had no where to hang my lights, they normally are attached to the quilt frames tripod legs. I ended up moving to a spare bedroom and improvised. This is how it looked.

I attached the lights to some ott lights that I have, put one on the bed and one on a chair. Our house is old so there are very few electrical outlets, this picture doesn't show the cords that are allover the floor. But it worked and is still up there, I have a few others that need to have their picture taken.

Weekly stitching project

The Weekly leaf.
This week I used one of my hand carved stamps and stamped three images onto hand dyed fabric.

Week #14

Line Dance #90 -#95

Five rows of them sewn together.

The Daily Paper #18 -#23

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  1. You get so much done in one week! You just amaze me. Photographing a quilt can certainly have its challenges, but you seem to have worked out that problem . I was photographing my all red silk quilt this week for Portfolio 21 and I had such a hard time.