Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Porch and daily stitching progress

The contractor has finished his part of our front porch, now the rest of it is up to us. That means the stain, trim, skirting and railing. We spent some time at Home Depot today and bought the stain and discussed other options. The skirting and spindles will be out of leftover materials from out last deck project in our back yard. Don will do those, so it may be awhile before there is a finished photo.

Today I sewed the 10th row of red circles together, only nine more rows to go! The rest will be a mirror image of this.

365 Red Circles #187 - #190

Indigo and Rust #115 - #118

Monthly Notions - July

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  1. Looking good! especially the pattern of the red circles all put together.

  2. Your indigo and rusts are always my favorites. Very creative with the notions.

    1. Thanks Regina, I'm having fun with the notions.

  3. Hi, LInda. You are SO methodical--in such a beautiful way. And I really liked your turquoise construction in the previous post along with the yellow triangle with cross stitches. Wonderful effect on that one.
    best, nadia