Sunday, June 16, 2013

A book winner and Quilt in public day

I numbered the comments and had my husband pick a number and the People & Portraits book winner is Linda Kittmer, congratulations! Thank you to all who read the blog and entered to win.

Yesterday a few of us set up a booth at the Farmers Market and celebrated "Quilt in Public Day". I volunteered to bring 2 tables for us to use, so Friday was clean out the back of Studio B to find the tables day. This is how it looked, in the back left of center there are some tables leaning up against the wall. I wanted the two that are hiding behind the ones you can see.
I did manage to get them out, but all those empty boxes I was saving are now stacked on my print table waiting to get recycled. I really should be spending to day actually getting the space clean and organized, especially since I know that sometime this week I have a friend bring relatives by for a studio tour. I did get a few pictures from yesterday.
Barbara's lavender and Wendy's jam.

Barbara, me, Diana and Wendy sewing binding on quilts during the Farmer's  Market and Quilt in Public Day.

This morning I took a walk up the street to get a picture of the fiddle that I decorated back in May 2010.
Here you can see how the fiddle is hanging from a light pole.
Here is a close up, the sun hadn't quite gotten high enough for good light. I did write several posts about it while I was doing it. Here's a link to the finished post.

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  1. Where can I find out about the fiddle? That must have been before I started reading your blog.