Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Part 2, Quilting Arts TV Taping

We have been having unseasonably warm weather, in the 70's, since I've come home from Cleveland. In contrast the weather there was unseasonably cold and snowy. It was snowing when I arrived, there was snow on the ground and on my rental car every morning and was snowing when I left at 4 am to return the car and fly away.
This was the view from my hotel room window on Wednesday morning, at least there was some sunshine that day. Since the weather has been so wonderful I've been spending a lot of time outside. I've done a bit of yard cleanup but mainly I've just been sitting enjoying the warm and contemplating life.

I've been thinking a lot about my recent new experience and have been trying to put it into words, more than just saying it was awesome. First of all the people I met; Kathy and Kathleen from KS Productions, a wonderful team that produces the show. The Quilting Arts crew, Kristine Lundblad  and Helen Gregory, it was so nice to meet them after emailing back and forth, and of course Pokey Bolton. Then there were the other artists that were taping the same day; Judy Coates Perez a veteran of many QATV shows and soon heading to Australia to teach. Sue Bleiweiss a first timer like me. Just before I left home I had finished reading her book Sketchbook Challenge ,which I had gotten as a birthday gift.
Lynn Krawczyk arrived with her carload of stuff to tape the following day. I'm taking her online class, The Written Sketchbook, so it was great meeting her. Both Sue and Lynn were not only taping show segments, they both were filming dvd's. The four of us had a great dinner together.

I really love living in my rural community but there are some things that I enjoy in a urban setting. I had some free time on Tuesday so I drove downtown to The Cleveland Museum of Art. What a terrific decision, I saw work that previously I had only seen in photographs in books, and to see it in person was the best. Especially some of the Abstract Expressionist work, oh my - to see the globs of paint, the layers, bare canvas in spots, the textures, the size, the colors - I could go on and on. Can you tell I loved it?? I even had a tasty lunch there in the Provence Cafe. Then that evening I stuffed myself with sushi - I love sushi, but it doesn't exist in my small town.

Three and half years ago I "retired" from vending at quilt shows and it's a decision I'm glad I made. I realized after taping the shows that I miss doing the demo's, some of the teaching and being around other very creative women. This trip allowed me to experience the best parts of what I was missing.

My only little glitch in the trip was I returned the rental car to the wrong company. All the rental agencies are in one location and at 4:30 am there is no one there to help you out. I turned into the wrong spot and once in you can't get out, so I left the car and turned my keys in with a note explaining where the car was.

Since returning I finished and entered a piece for the SDA's member show.
Indigo Four Patch
Linda McLaughlin

Daily stitching #90 - #92

#18 - #20

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  1. I grew up in Cleveland. I think I miss going to the CMA more than anything else -- certainly more than I miss all of that snow!

    I like your SDA piece very much.

    1. Thanks Heather - I'd love to go back to the CMA.

  2. I also live in a small rural area. I know what you mean about sometimes missing the inspiration of museums and other interesting sites. I don't get up to the "big city" as often as I would like to.

  3. Your stitching is so beautiful, so understated. Very Japanese, especially the indigo piece. Thanks for sharing.

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