Sunday, February 24, 2013

Lots of Stitching

After complaining about blogger and my problems posting, Kathy Loomis wrote and told me how to get words and pictures lined up. Thanks Kathy. It made me aware that I've been doing this backward for years, I've always done the pictures first then added words. So now I'm going to do words first then put in the pictures. Being a very visual person I'm always more interested in pictures over words. So this is a new experience for me . I've also hit the compose button above for the first time, that also changes things!

While taking pictures of my stitching projects I got carried away and took several close ups.

Wow this is working totally different than before!!!

Here are daily stitching #346 -348


week #8

I feel much better about this now that I've learned something!


  1. I have been doing it the same way, pictures first, then text. I'll have to try text first.
    I love the closeups of your stitching. What kind of thread are you using?

  2. Interesting idea ... words first ...
    I've developed various workarounds to move pix around and line them up - my headache is with getting them to load in the desired order when loading a batch at once.

    1. It's so good to know I'm not the only one who did pictures first. I've also had the order problem with a batch of them. It seemed awkward to do words first, but it worked and everything is in the right spot.

  3. Your closeups are fantastic! Love, love!

  4. LOVE the extra dimension the stitching adds to the monoprints....fabulous!!!!