Thursday, February 16, 2012

A big circle, socks and more

I know the only things I've posted lately have been my "sixty five days to 65" circles, but I've actually been getting other things done! I finished quilting the large white background for my big circle(79 1/2" x 84"), quilted, washed, and bound. Then it hung on my design wall for a week. During that week I cleaned up the huge pile of fabric scraps in the corner of the studio, putting away the bigger pieces and separating out groups of scraps that went together. Then out of the groups of scraps I pieced four quilt tops that will be donation quilts. As I was piecing the fourth top it finally hit me - I was in avoidance mode!!! There was some fear simmering below the surface, I was afraid to get out the black paint and get the circles on the big white background. So the only way to get over that is to just do it! I had to use the garage floor because it's the only place big enough to lay out the quilt, so here's how it looks on a 7' x9' tarp.

It took a few days for the paint to dry, it was very cold in the garage so with help I was able to carry the piece into studio B and drape it across the print table and turn some heaters on to help dry it out. I do plan on entering this piece in some shows so the picture below is only one small side of it, and the two smaller ones I made a few months ago for scale.

I've also started knitting another pair of socks. This time I'm using sock yarn instead of worsted so they're not so bulky. I have large feet and a ball of sock yarn is not quite enough for a pair, so the toes are going to be a different yarn. This is the yarn I'm using.

My favorite yarn shop and the only one anywhere near here, is closing the beginning of March. I'm very sad about it, the owner has been extremely helpful with this beginning knitter and I'm going to miss that help. She has been having a sale, so I have done a bit of stocking up for future projects.

When I started going through my scrap pile (see first paragraph) it was to find some pieces to make valentine postcards for some very special young people in my life. I did get them done and mailed in time.

I do find I'm really enjoying my daily circle on a square for the 65 project. In fact I've been thinking about starting another one after my birthday, probably a bit different format, but a daily type thing.


  1. You have been busy! The sock yarn is yummy and the Valentine postcards are charming. Can't wait to see what you do with those big painted circles and I sure know what you mean by being in the avoidance mode!

    1. the good thing about avoidance is I get a lot done, just not what needs to be done.

  2. Linda, what did you use to stiffen your valentine cards?