Sunday, August 7, 2011

Garden bounty

I love summer's fresh vegetables and fruit! This is what my garden gave me this morning.

Yesterday a neighbor gave us a dozen ears of fresh corn and a huge bunch of freshly pulled onions and a friend shared blackberries and freshly caught brook trout. I love it all!!

I've been busy in the studio, but don't have much to show. I've made and quilted six small quilts that I've donated to Project Linus and St. Lukes Childrens Cancer Center. I have two more to quilt. The pile below is the six finished quilts, one waiting to be quilted and a quilt on the bottom that needs repair.

Last week I taught a very fun creative group of women my method of pole wrapped shibori,a few other resist techniques and some dye painting. Unfortunately my camera was in the house and I never took a picture!

At the same time as the class in the backyard studio, the house was having central air installed and insulation being put in. We have a house that was built in stages, the first part around 1904, the last part 1940 and then various updates and changes since then. Since we bought the house in 2005 we've replaced all the windows(23 of them), remodeled the kitchen,and done various cosmetic changes. This summer when we went to start up the old swamp cooler it was obvious that it wasn't going to last much longer, so we figured it was a good time to install central air. While the air system was being installed we discovered that some areas of the house had no insulation at all, therefore we had insulation installed. Now with the new ductwork for the air on the second floor we will also have heat in all four bedrooms! Winter will be much warmer and summer is now pretty cool.

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  1. I enjoyed this post...a wonderful visit with Linda. :-)We're just attempting to grow pumpkins this's a start!