Saturday, June 11, 2011

A new jacket

Earlier this week I decided I needed a new light weight jacket to take with me on a trip this coming week. So I knew I had a 3 + yard piece of rayon already soda ash soaked, ready for dye. My print paste was rather runny, so my first step was to mix some with teal dye, put it into a syringe and squirt it over the fabric.

The next day I thickened up the print paste, mixed up some aquamarine and chartreuse and started printing.

The finished fabric.

The finished jacket( I won't be wearing it with my black t-shirt and pink jeans).


  1. Oh wow, it's beautiful!
    Such lovely shades :)

  2. Beautiful! Is the pattern yours as well? Love the fabric. I've been reorganizing my fabrics and I came upon a few of yours that I've been saving. I think it's about time I put them to use! :-)They're just too pretty to cut!

  3. Thanks, the pattern is from CNT and is called "A little somethin' jacket". At least I think that's the name, I'm not at home to check but will next week and post a picture of the pattern.