Monday, October 25, 2010

Back in the studio

It took me a couple of days to actually get in the studio to do some work after our trip, but I'm now working on two things. I finally started quilting the big leaf quilt. Slow progress but at least it's getting done.

I take breaks from machine stitching and do hand stitching. I've started stitching on some of the indigo pieces I dyed last spring. This is a small piece (13" x 15"), put together from the scraps of a larger piece. The larger piece is 18" x 45" and I haven't started stitching it yet.

For someone that has always machine quilted, I'm continually surprised by how much I love hand stitching these pieces.


  1. I just had to tell you how much I love your shibori pieces--the colors are beautiful, and the lines are so crisp! I've recently started experimenting with the pole wrapping, but mine aren't coming out anything like yours.

  2. Linda, I don't know if you are an SDA member, but Vicki Jensen from Pro Chem is teaching a shibori class at SDA's conference in June 2011 in Minneapolis using a new type of indigo dye that looks very promising as far as its parallels to the natural indigo dyeing process. Check out the class at the SDA website,

  3. Thanks for the info Jeanne, I am an SDA member and but so far haven't figured out how to fit in the conference, I have grand daughters graduating that month.