Saturday, August 21, 2010

Time flies between posts!

It has been awhile since I've posted, I've gotten things done, but I guess I haven't felt like writing about them.

I did paint dye on the stitched leaf, and I like the leaf, but now what? I like the process of stitching a resist, dyeing it, taking out the stitches, layering the piece with batting and backing, stitching again overall and then painting on dye. I'm having difficulty using the process to create a completed composition. The two that I've done are samples to figure out what I can do, now I want to create a satisfying piece of art with the technique and that's where I'm stymied. It's a very time consuming process so I'd really like to have a finished piece that I could enter into shows.

I did paint a piece of rayon with dye and then made this little topper. This was fun, quick and easy. The pattern is "A Little Something Jacket" from CNT.

I've also been stitching on a piece of rusted fabric that will also be beaded.

I worked on the stitching while we were camping. We went on our annual camping trip to pick huckleberries and blackberries.
The picture below was taken while we were picking blackberries along the Salmon river. Shortly after this picture was taken we went down to the river and waded in to cool off. We picked the huckleberries up on a mountain side where it was quite a bit cooler.

Since returning I've been making jam and freezing berries. We have eaten some also, while camping we had huckleberry pancakes for breakfast one morning and fresh brook trout for breakfast the next morning. Nothing like eating well when your out roughing it. Roughing it in a travel trailer that is, but it was a forest service camp area with no hookups, up a steep and winding dirt road.

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