Tuesday, December 1, 2009

new kitchen and new blog

The last picture is a before shot, the first two are after shots. We raised the ceiling a foot, took out an appliance garage, took out cabinets over the peninsula, put in all new lighting, painted the remaining cabinets, painted the walls, removed the old tile floor and replaced it with brazilian cherry hardwood, got new appliances and replaced the old mauve formica countertop with granite. Whew! A lot of work but worth every bit of it. The dining room and living room also got the same new hardwood flooring and a fresh coat of paint.

Although I seem to have difficulty keeping up with this blog, I've started another one that is just a photo a day. The new blog is dedicated to my Mom. My Mom chastised me when I got my first camera at about age ten for taking pictures of nothing. I was told that the film was too expensive to develop, especially the pictures that I was taking. So now I'm still taking pictures of nothing, but it's now free and I'm going to share them with the world. Besides that my Mom has been gone for five years now and it's time I stop listening to the things she told me over fifty yeas ago. The new blog is http://thrulindaseyes.blogspot.com/
I was inspired to do the photo a day by the one that Jane Dunnewold just finished, Daily Visuals. Jane did it for a year, for now I'm just trying every day - I'd be thrilled if I kept it up for a year.

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