Thursday, July 23, 2020

I've been missing

I haven't posted in close to two months for a few reasons, my blog takes forever to download on my computer and on some of my readers computers and I don't know how to fix that and then I felt like why bother. Not great excuses but that's how I felt. I do post regularly on Instagram as thrulindaseyes, so you can follow me there.

I've been keeping busy with my stitching, collages and gardening, but pretty much staying home like most everyone else I know. Idaho and our very rural small town were among the last to get a
ffected by the Corona Virus but now we are one of the hot spots. Our town has about 150 cases and a whole lot of people that refuse to wear masks or social distance, so for me staying home is the best option.

I took an online class from Linda Germain on using books as art material. I got a box of old books from the Library and jumped in. We did collages from parts of the books, took photos of manipulated pages, created a new book and several more fun projects.

I made two more donation quilts.

Started something different for my July daily stitching. I've been attracted to asemic writing for quite some time, so I did something about that attraction. I'm stitching on a piece of denim from an old pair of my jeans.

I'm really enjoying doing this, except for stitching the date, I do wish I hadn't started using the date each day.

I'm up to 75 daily collages.

These have been fun and I'm amazed at how much stuff I have around  to use.

The weekly leaves, Burr Oak series is also on track.

That's it for now, I'll try to be a more consistent poster, although I can't say I'm impressed with the new blogger interface.


  1. I have certainly missed you and keep checking in even if it does take forever to download, as does the comment section.
    It was worth waiting for and I love everything you are doing. I am intrigued by your book and would like a little more info. I'm not sure what pictures 6, 7 and 8 are.

  2. Boy, you're not kidding about a slow download. It didn't used to be an issue for me but today it is. I just don't do Instagram so hope you will continue to persevere here, perhaps try the blogger help community to see if you can get a solution. I've updated my blog for the first time as they threatened to put me in the "legacy" group and I'd already started having some issues. I'm with you, not too impressed. But I don't have the downloading problem you have.

    1. I get everyone else's comments sent to my email, for some reason I don't get yours. Thanks for waiting out the download, I've gotten some suggestions on how to fix it so we shall see if anything works.

  3. I have also missed you, but the download is slow. I read from "Feedly" and it doesn't have to download your blog, just the current post unless I want to leave a comment. You are such an inspiration! Thank you!

  4. wow love some of the very graphic work you are doing during lockdown just grabs me. The images of the page edges in disarray are so pleasing.

  5. Hi, Linda. Well, you have GORGEOUS work to share that is worth waiting for! I'm glad I stuck around and waited for the page to load! There are lots of great tips for speeding up your blog loading here:

  6. I love the idea of a daily collage. Great idea.

  7. Yes, Linda, it was worth the wait to read your posting. I think you are the most prolific fiber artist I know -- proof positive that creativity begets creativity! Keep up the great work.

  8. Beautiful stitching, and collage blocks. Your page always takes a long time for my computer to load too. I don't have any helpful solutions though. Good luck!

  9. I have been wondering where you were. I am glad that you are well. Yes, your page takes a little time to load, but I don't mind waiting. As usual, I enjoy seeing what you have been up to.

  10. Thanks for the great effort you've put into this blog